Responsive Web Design Explained… Again!

Responsive Web Design Explained… Again!

Since finally launching our own responsive website including our portfolio of client websites which we have redesigned to be fully responsive a number of customers and potential customers have been in touch to ask what all the fuss is about so here it is… again!

Simply put a responsive website is one that adapts the layout of its design to suit the device that it is being displayed on. That could be a large desktop screen, a smaller laptop screen, an iPad or any type of smart phone.

Earlier this year Google very clearly announced that mobile search results were going to change completely. As from April 21st this year Google expanded its use of “mobile friendliness” as a significant ranking factor. This change has affected every mobile search worldwide and the impact on search results has been significant.

For users (searchers) this is great as it ensures that they are shown search results for websites that are simple to use and easy to read whatever the device they are searching on. For website owners it means if your website is not responsive you will be loosing out on search traffic as well as customer conversion rates.

If you’re unsure whether or not your website is responsive you can try this free tool:

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss responsive web design with us in more detail.

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